Surveying of Excavations at Knowth

Archaeologists from ACS were assisted in the surveying of the features uncovered during recent archaeological excavations at Knowth by members of the Discovery Programme. The features included two linear ditches that curved slightly and may represent former field systems though one of the ditches had a cobbled base and the other was revetted in stone along its upper edge. No dating material was retrieved from either feature unfortunately but they are similar to other Bronze Age ditches found in the Boyne Valley.

Knowth Discovery Archaeologists

The features were surveyed in 3D by members of the Discovery Programme following completion of the excavations. The images reproduced here were rendered by the Discovery Programme and show the location of the features in relation to the main Passage Grave complex.

Knowth Archaeology Ditches

The following image shows the two features in more detail. This image was also rendered by the Discovery Programme team to whom ACS is indebted for their assistance.

Knowth Excavated ditches plan1