Mellifont Excavations


Archaeologists from ACS have been monitoring and excavating at Mellifont Abbey for the last two weeks. The excavations are being carried out as part of a redevelopment of the site by the Office of Public Works. New paths to allow for wheelchair access and a replacement of the gravel paths around the cloister have led to the discovery of the medieval drainage system, post holes and other features. A burial has recently been uncovered in the ambulatory along the east side of the cloister and is currently being excavated. Portions of the later mill have been exposed to the north west of the abbey. 

Finds to date include a large quantity of medieval line impressed and inlaid floor tiles, medieval pottery and small quantities of disarticulated human bone. A decorated copper thimble has also been recovered from the south cloister walk. Excavations are continuing and the site will remain closed to the public until the work is completed. The abbey is expected to re-open on the 1st July.

The redevelopment works are being carried out for the OPW by Shaffrey Landscaping Ltd. More updates will follow as the work progresses.